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        hot88体育手机版有限公司,是一家专业研制、付出、生产和行销阀门的集团,合作社使用当前国际荷兰凯特姆及国内四川焦化阀门等先进技术,严厉按照GB国家标准和行业标准,以及ANSI、API、DIN、JIS、ISO等国际规范生产制造各种钢制球阀,重大产品有上装式hot88体育手机版、hot88体育手机版、V形球阀、五金硬密封球阀、气温高压球阀、水电球阀等,拥有一系列国家专利,阀门口径到160mm(64in),压力至 42.0Mpa(2500Lb),温度范围-196℃~650℃,连片形式有螺纹、法兰、焊接及对夹,材质有石蜡钢、不锈钢、合金钢、气温钢及其它特殊钢,传动方式有蜗轮传动、气动、液动、气液连动、电液连动、机动以及实现计算程控,产品广泛应用于石化、冶炼、油气、造船、制药、基建等行业与长输管线等工程。


        Chinese and Foreign joint venture Zhejiang Xitie Valve Co.,Ltd is a high & new technical enterprise that mainly develops,manufactures and sells all kinds of valves. The company adopts advanced  techn-ology from Japan Kaitemu and Sichuan Zigong at home, and all kinds of valves are manufactured strictly according to the standards such as GB, ANSI, API, DIN, JIS and ISO,etc. It has over 30 kinds,over 200 series and thousands of types of main products such as butterfly valve, ball valve, power station valve, gate valve, stop valve, check valve, water conservancy control valve, API valve, pipeline fittings, etc. And they obtain series national patent. The valves'size size range is from DN15 to dn3600(1/2"~144"), and their pressure range is from 0.1MPa to 32.0MPa(125Lb2500Lb), and their temperature range is from 196℃ to 650℃, Their connection methods has screw,flange, weld, wafer and their materials have carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, low temperature steel and other special steel. What's more, their driving methods have worm wheel, pneumatic, liquid, pneumatic-liquid, electric-liquid, electric actuator and computer remote control, The products are widely used in the lines and long pipeline projects such as petroleum and chemistry, metallurgy, power, natural gas, paper-making, pharmacy, city construction, etc. The products sell well and export to at home and abroad.

        Create strong brand in international valve lines'is Xitie's spirit. We have gotten good success, and science and technology content of our products are very high. We will try our best to design and manuf-acture better valves for our customers and do well in after-sale and technical assistance, etc. Welcome to new and old customers and old customers and friends to visit our company!We sincerely hope you can build good cooperation relationship with us.

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